Friday, February 17, 2012

Dead Trees, Green Growth, and Books

Very good then.

My one and only follower has commented, asking if I plan to continue posting here.  In answer, "Yes, in fact, I do plan to do so."  You all cannot get rid of me that easily.

That said, I have found I am drawing a blank as to material to write about.  Ah well, I'll charge ahead and see what happens.

Winter, periods of growth, and periods of no growth, times in which I felt I had things under control, and other times when I felt everything was out of control, falling apart, and lost.  This is a description of what has been happening since I last posted.  And standard look into a person's life, I believe.  We all have ups and downs, and I am not immune to such things, as much as I would like to be so.

Despite this, I believe that even in the times when it seems nothing is happening, there is growth taking place.  Even in winter, when the trees look dead and void, there is growth taking place.  Only, beneath the soil rather than above.  Just so, in the quiet times, we are growing in sometimes unnoticeable ways, and should continue to search for ways to grow even when hope seems lost.

Finding ways to grow could be stretching our abilities in some way, perhaps doing something we're not sure we can do, or something we're afraid to do.  Or perhaps it is finding a good, non-fiction book that will grow our knowledge.  Yes, of course, fiction has its place, but I believe many people read much too large an amount in relation to the quantity of non-fiction they read.

Well, it seem that my creativity has been exhausted merely at that, though I do now have inspiration for other posts.  Be looking out for more posts soon, and do excuse the shortness of this one.  I am thinking that perhaps it takes some time to fall back into the swing of writing blog posts.

Thank you to my lone follower, for commenting and encouraging me to write another post.  It really is helpful to know my ramblings are not posted and left unread.

 Until next time!
In the shadow of the Greatest Shinobi