Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Ramblings and Nothings... Unless I think of something useful by the end of this post

It has been ages since I last checked in with you all, and I have not been doing anything exceptionally wonderful in that time either.  Nor have I come up with any amazing blog topics, despite the fact the question has occurred to me several times.

Instead, I suppose I shall ramble and bore you to death.  Which is all right, in my opinion, since most of my posts lately have been fairly serious.

So, ramblings.
Summer is now in full swing.  With sweltering temperatures and humidity, crickets and cicadas singing at the top of their lungs, and, one of the extremely few good things about this season, lightning bugs.  It is wonderful to think that they were created only for enjoyment.  They have no use, they can't even be eaten!  They are made simply to be beautiful and mysterious.

Another good thing about Summer (I've no idea why I am being so optimistic about my least favorite season all of a sudden... ah well) is swimming.  I have not been yet this year, which isn't necessarily a bad thing seeing as I am not the most stellar swimmer, and tend to burn to a crisp.  The main reason I even go is because I enjoy being with friends.

The last good thing I can think about Summer is the birds.  A new bird recently moved in which had me stumped as to what it was.  Yesterday I found that it was a Phoebe.  It is always exciting to find and learn a new bird.

There, I succeeded in writing a rambly, not too pointless post.

A most happy Summer to you all!

In the shadow of the Greatest Shinobi

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